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Have you ever read an audit report that contained issues that seemed to ramble on forever with no clear thought process or unnecessary language that expands a simple item into a small booklet? Why do some auditors do this?

The distribution list for audit reports can be broad and diverse.  As a result auditors are expected to deliver information clearly, concisely and timely.  It is important to reduce and/or eliminate redundant and non value added language from audit communications.

This article discusses one non essential audit report phrase..  It is my hope that you all add to this list.

So here it is:

1. The auditors noted

And with honorable mention, it’s not so distant cousin

2. We discovered

These two items are completely unnecessary in audit reports.

Let’s take ”The Auditors noted”. Well, it is your audit report. Your name is on the cover page.  Why do You need to tell me again in every reportable item?

Similarly, ”We Discovered” is unnecessary.  Auditors are not explorers, you did not discover anything. Besides, this is not a  sporting competition where you received points for detecting risk and control break downs. It is an Audit.  The ultimate goal is to evaluate and improve risk management strategies. So stop keeping score.  And though this is really not what you’re doing, that’s what it feels like to your clients.

There you have it.  Two phrases that can be eliminated from audit reports.

Now it’s your turn.  What are some unnecessary items you currently see in audit reports?

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